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Friday, June 1, 2018

Famicast Friday #014 [June 1st, 2018]

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Welcome to Famicast Friday No.014! This is the day of the week where you can check out all of the latest videos and podcasts that we’ve been working on tirelessly throughout the week. Be sure to check in every Friday either on the website or by subscribing to our awesome YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with all of our content. Patrons get stuff during the week, too! It's like a delicious packet of treats delivered to you just in time for the weekend, please to enjoy!

Video Review [ 1 ]
Danny - I talked about this on the past few episodes of The Famicast. After being somewhat addicted to it, I decided to go ahead with this review! Even if you don't like sports games, it's still a fun watch!

Streams [ 1 ]

James: A brief but enjoyable run down of what this game is all about!

James: You should really watch our interview with Dylan Cuthbert after that as a double-bill, because he's the executive producer!

Check back on Friday, June 8th for the next batch of awesome!

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