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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Famichatting: E3 2017 Predictions!

It's that magical time of the year, E3 predictions!

Knowing that this will be a short conference (of about 25 minutes), I’m expecting lots of short trailers, mostly of stuff we know about. There are rumours that Xenoblade 2 is being delayed until February 2018, a shock to no one, plus Pikmin World. I’ll predict that’s a new Pikmin game on Switch, probably the one that Miyamoto accidentally outed like 2 years ago. I’m sure there will be another couple of Wii U remasters, probably Smash and/or Mario Maker. There maybe a surprise Pokemon Sun/Moon Ultra HD reveal to soothe those Poke blueballs from the last direct too. As for totally new stuff, anything could happen (except a new Metroid or F-Zero), but I’m hoping for a new IP which utilises the “console multiplayer anywhere” nature of the Switch. I seriously doubt online features/services will be part of this Direct, so don’t expect a GameCube virtual console megaton or anything, remember Nintendo have got precisely 3 NES games they’re making online, and they won’t be out till 2018! I just hope they don’t spend 15 mins on the Zelda DLC. Good times await!

Nintendo will show a new 2D Metroid, a new F-Zero with online play, Pokemon on Switch as well as Pokemon Snap. Nintendo will fully detail its subscription service of NES, SNES, N64, and handheld games with online features like leaderboards and high quality rollback-based multiplayer netcode. The library will feature every game that Nintendo produced and could viably negotiate from license holders. The Switch will get every Ace Attorney and Professor Layton game available on demand. Smash Bros Melee HD will be shown with GameCube controller support and netplay.
Actually, roughly zero of these things will happen. Get ready for another trash mobile game and another high-profile game with terrible design flaws and/or unplayable netcode. I'm buying the [XxX_B0N3_XxX] day one though!

I find it really hard to picture what Nintendo will announce because they’re in such a weird place with releases, and especially with just a 25 minute presentation. Nintendo are good at squeezing info into these things though I guess.
My gut wants to go with a Smash 4 Deluxe announcement to coincide with the final series of amiibo coming in July. However, announcing THE major Nintendo fighting game release directly after announcing Pokken Deluxe, and literally days before ARMS releases seems like awkward timing. If it is announced, I’m expecting the Mario Kart treatment: basically the same game plus Inklings (and maybe Ice Climbers) and a new mode like Target Smash.
Judging from the tepid launch, I imagine very few heavy hitting 3rd parties have anything not already announced in development. Instead I’d say there’s going to be a slew of rereleases and ports of slightly older games all shown in a big sizzle reel. The usual barrage of indie games will also be along for the ride.

Safe bets: Mario Odyssey will get some healthy screen time, along with Pikmin, Pokemon Ultra, Minecraft, the Zelda DLC and possibly some Fire Emblem Warriors. At least 6 amiibo, probably with some from Rabbids.

For more left field entries… I really could see them announcing a new Metroid or F-Zero. They’re really pushing the Pro-Controller with this system, which would be an excellent fit for an FPS in the Metroid Prime universe. Nintendo definitely would have known early in development that Mario Kart’s local split screen on a single system was a killer app. If they have any sense they’ll be wanting to push a steady stream of racing releases, or other games people will bring to friends houses to co-op with.
Super left field bonus guess: Resident Evil 2 HD.

I’m probably not the only one thinking there will be basically no information on the Switch’s online services except for a “Look for more information in a Direct soon”, however I do think there’s a chance they’ll announce a major Switch firmware update to fill in some of the holes clearly still present on the system.

Well. A half an hour isn’t a whole lot of time to unload much information. At the same time, Nintendo hasn’t really been known to need two hours to drone on and on. As for what will actually happen at the event, here’s my take.

Mario Odyssey is going to take the spotlight, but like the past few years, the bulk of that conversation will be saved for the Treehouse. We’re finally going to get a look at what Retro Studios is up to - and guess what? It’ll have nothing to do with Metroid. I’m expecting (aka hoping) to see an original IP come out of the studio. We’re going to see some smaller games coming straight out of Nintendo internally and their partner developers. Things along the line of Box Boy/Pushmo  in terms of price/game length. These are going to be coming out for Switch. Zelda DLC talk will be mentioned briefly at the event, but again, like Mario, most of that information will come out of the Treehouse with hands on footage and interviews with the development team. We’ll likely get some more Wii U ports to Switch as well, particularly with Mario Maker and (you know Sairus wouldn’t say no to this!) some kind of an updated version of Hyrule Warriors. These games were successful enough on the Wii U but could easily find new life on Nintendo’s new device.

Nintendo has been pretty quiet in regard to their classic titles letting the SNK fill the gaps with offerings of their own. In an effort to tap into the hearts of gamers, Nintendo will not only show off the SNES Classic mini console, they will announce that you can get the games via the mini system AND/OR a bundle of the games digitally on your Switch. That’s right! The Nintendo Classics lineup is not only about new hardware, it’s the basis for replacing the Virtual Console.

What do guys think of the Famicrew’s predictions? Spot-on? Overly optimistic? Insane? Let us know your predictions as the countdown begins to the conference!

Expect in-depth E3 chat in Famicast 104, please to anticipate!

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Chrys said...

Im glad N is keeping the presentation short and saving the meat for Treehouse especially after watching the long drawn out and sometimes awkward moments of xxbxoxx and playstation.

I really hope they dont spend much time on rabbids, the game looks really good and im ready to purchase but i saw what i needed from the ubisoft show. Really just give me Zelda DLC and please make it available immediately after the show!

How about also one last big dump of whatever VC titles are left over to the eshop as a sendoff before announcing the new and improved VC? **Ahhhh i can dream**

Ill be pretty dissapointed tho if there isnt much original content for the switch. If its all just ports then it further shows just how under prepared they were for it to be actually released. Predicting that the indie showcase is where all the goods will be. Cant wait! Were now under 3 hours to go!!